Farmers: Dione Sievert e Jessica Weege Sievert

City: Pelotas
Farmers: Dione Sievert e Jessica Weege Sievert

Context of production:

The farm has a dairy production system. Since 2009, the couple took over the administrative and operational management of the Weege family farm. In 2016, through the Dairy Cattle Qualification Project in the Southern Region of the “Juntos Para Competir” program, they began to receiving technical support from the SIA / PROPISA team, being firstly assisted by the consultant Ana Paula Zazycki and currently by the consultant Rodrigo Baiotto Prauchner.

Since the first technical interventions, we have tried to build a balanced system, with production stability throughout the year. Based on this, we performed an adaptation of the existing forage management in the property, aiming to eliminate the system’s feed gaps. We adopted a plan to use the areas and efficient use of fertilizers, aiming to achieve in a sustainable way their maximum productive, economic and environmental efficiency.

As a result, we achieved a better efficiency in forage harvesting, providing more forage with better quality. As a result, we are obtaining both silage use and processed feed reduction, reducing the production cost and increasing profitability.

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