City: Campinas das Missões/grupo Amadeu/Ressaca
Advisor: Lucas Morais

The Mr. Jairo Perius farm produces milk across 28 ha. At the project beginning, it had 45 lactating cows, today it has 34, but the production was 13 lt / cow / day, and today is 18 lt / cow / day, that is, with 24% less animals, it produces 5% more milk.

Testimony of the Producer (in Audio):


“… Before the consulting our situation was critical, we did not evaluate profit as much, we worked by the production impact … In the beginning we had difficulties to face the facts and to change the system, today I see that it was necessary, and I have to thank the technical part, we have changed our management, I feed the cows and today I’m seeing more return, which is the main goal we were looking for, besides it gives me more time to do other things … ”

Pasture Management:

“… Pasture management significantly induced improvements on cow stress, by reducing CCS, which was a problem in my cows, and seeing these issues related to climate, paddock management with large areas enable me to always have pasture for the cows and these are very good aspects that I’m seeing on my property … ”


“… Today I see that my soil is receiving straw from the organic fertilizer, before we removed as much as possible and there was no remaining residue, with this system my soil is being improved and producing more and is matching over the animals …”


“… I see today that there is no competition for feed by animals, it is a basic aspect of the system I am working on, they are tame, and it makes easier to deal with animals, we do not have any more stressed animals and stressed producer …”

Quality of life:

“… within my family improved a lot, improved gradually, because we had problems and we did not find solutions, we wanted to have more profit, then we worked harder, tried harder and we could not obtain results, and today I see that we are already achieving some goals …”

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