Mato Grande Farm

Mato Grande Farm
City: Canguçu/RS
Owners: Léo Furhmann e Cleber Cavallin

The Mato Grande Farm has an area of 1,199 ha, of which 450 hectares are destined for the production of olive groves and pecans integrated with sheep. Currently it sells olive oil with the label Verde Louro (

In July 2016 began to receive SIA / PROPISA consultancies, since then began a process of organization of the sheep production system aiming for an integration in the areas of orchards in a profitable and sustainable way. With application of calendar of activities, health calendar, animal management guidelines and use of pastoral areas based on a forage plan.

With the proposed practices, producers were able to reduce the cost of labor, reduce cut-in interventions from 5 / year to 1 / year, minimized productive losses and obtained a considerable increase in the profitability of sheep farming.

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