Santa Martha Farm – Sant’Ana Do Livramento-RS

Santa Martha Farm  – Sant’Ana Do Livramento-RS
Farmers: Matheus Mendina, Graciana Mendina e Luis Mario Mendina

The Santa Martha Farm has a dairy production system based on pasture, an area of 432 ha, from which 380 ha are pasture areas composed by native, improved native, annual and perennial pastures.

Since 2016, they are under SIA / PROPISA consultancies, with Ana Paula Zazycki as their direct field consultant. Since then, a land use verticalization project has been built and implemented, a forage plan has been implemented aiming to minimize feed supply gaps and to guarantee productive stability throughout the year, diet adjustments, and also effective controls of productive and zootechnical data to assist in their decision making.

With the proposed practices these farmers were able to reduce the feed gap from 70 days to 20 days and with it a greater production stability, a better use of their areas and by this way projecting an increase in the number of lactating cows by 25% until the end of this year.

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