Ana Beatriz e Vera Lúcia Peterlongo

Administrators of the Peterlongo Farm, Minas do Leão/RS

“We arrived at the Mosaico event 1 year ago (2022) with many doubts about our property. We were certain of the need to organize and modernize our management and work methods. During the event we were certain that we should have the support of SIA to start the “turn” we wanted to implement. Our first step was to hire SIA Diagnóstico, where we mapped the entire system, with the right and wrong actions that were being taken. our direction within our expectations and desires. SIA Diagnóstico showed us the need for consultancy that supports us and guides us in strategic decisions. hiring”.

*Rodrigo Baiotto Prauchner, Agronomist, Technical Consultant at SIA and Regional Manager for RS – Southern Half

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