Marcelo Chiappetta


The integrated crop-livestock systems in the barn region have always been considered a great challenge because the dedication is much more focused on grain production. However, using the consultancy support we were able to improve the integration with the beef cattle and organize the ICLS production in a systemic way. We still have a lot of work to do and we appreciate the services provided by SIA.

Ricardo Eichenberg de Lara

Cachoeira do Sul/RS

Excellent technical team with ideas and techniques that meets our needs.

Marta Machado


Congratulations, the SIA came to fulfill a long-forgotten vacuum in the linkage between livestock and agriculture, with clear notions regarding the system’s fertilization and through this improve results in the agricultural activity

Bernardo Fagundes


Information on technologies and agricultural production processes are exposed to all through several media, the absolute differential of SIA is to identify the real potential of the rural entrepreneur to apply the proposed technologies, thus making the company more profitable per hectare / year, being this the main number for a farm.

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