In response to the customers growing demand for qualified and personalized services in the legal area, we have established a partnership with Law experts in the area of Environmental Law, Corporate Law and Tax Law, which have enabled integrated and complete legal solutions. Together we build solutions that unite our technical expertise in agribusiness with the legal competence of our partners. Another SMART insight from SIA that better suits you!


We have developed a solution to guide rural families and entrepreneurs in their farms succession process, seeking harmony in the present and security in the present future for all involved. We work from elaborating the area division plan until studying the more adequate legal structure to fulfill the family objectives.

The service: Raising awareness for the importance of succession planning; management and corporate business structure diagnosis; rural heritage evaluation; elaboration, presentation, discussion and validation of the Plan for the Agricultural Business Succession according to the parties prior interest and the technical analysis.


Consultancy specialized in the environmental adequacy of rural property, not only to the current legislation, but also to the path of global sustainability, implementing in its agribusiness the guidelines of responsible intensification for food production with safety and longevity of ecological and economic efficiency.

The service: Environmental diagnosis to advise farms regularization and adequacy, to request environmental licenses and productive operation activity licenses; advising on signing the Term of Conduct Adjustment (TAC) and Term of Environmental Commitment (TCA), on using fiscal credit benefits focused on the best environmental practices; on farms registration on the Rural Environmental Register – CAR and in joining the Environmental Regularization Program (PRA).


In a scenario of increasing tax burden and liability risk for farmers and entrepreneurs, we have developed a service to analyze the incident tax activity that aims to take advantage of all available tax benefits and to minimize the risk of personal assets being compromised.

The service: Activity tax diagnosis; potential analysis for using or recovering credit;  the tax burden examination on succession planning and / or business development, and proposal of solutions to improve the scheme.

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