Specific solutions pointed out to farms that already have a defined production system, such as cow-calf system, or grain production and integrated crop livestock systems, and need to better organize actions and boost technical-financial outcomes. Specialized consultancy in characterizing the current production system, short-term recommendations, a delivery document including the technical-financial diagnosis of the current production system, and projections based on full assignment of proposed actions, in the SIA technical view. The document also points out strengths and limitations of the current business model and propose improvements for the medium- and long-term.

The solution includes:

  • On-site identification of production areas, discussion for improving alternatives in agreement with the producer.
  • Current land use inventory (summer and winter), infrastructure, human resources, productivity and current economic efficiency.
  • Information processing, technical analysis and the delivery document conception.
  • Presentation and final delivery meeting of SIA DIAGNOSIS.

Redirection to other technological and business solutions in case of work sequence – AGROSCENARIOS or Full Time SIA

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