Full Time SIA

Continued technical and business consultancy by the SIA team | PROPISA for developing a productive, operational and economic  production system of beef and milk, and integrated crop-livestock systems. Customized solution in flexible formats regarding frequency and intensity of face-to-face technical visits, which aims to guide, implement and monitor technical actions related to the developed technical project, as well as other communication ways that meet the need and interest of each farm, as well as administrators and staff particularities, profile and preferences. The FULL TIME SIA is the most solid way to obtain the projected results from both the DIAGNOSIS SIA or AGRO-SCENARIOS.

The solution includes:

  • On-site identification of production areas, discussion for improving alternatives in agreement with the producer.
  • Current land use inventory (summer and winter), infrastructure, human resources, productivity and current economic efficiency.
  • Whole DIAGNOSIS including both economic and operational viability analyses of the current production system;
  • Detailed elaboration of the technical-financial project, with projections for short-, medium- and long-term;
  • Technical project implementation and continuous field actions monitoring;
  • GerenSIA – Tool for monthly and annual agribusiness operation budgeting, stock flow control and financial flow;
  • Check-point – Tool for defining and checking targets and deadlines with global evaluation of SHARES and RESULTS;
  • Online access to the SIA CLIENT restricted area enabling to access to documents and interact with the technical team.


  • SIA BUSINESS – Face-to-face meetings in the SIA Office for strategic business alignment, analysis and progress adjustments on the technical-financial project;

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