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For almost 15 years, SIA has been a leader in the transformation of agribusiness. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, economic and social resilience, our company stands out as a reference in the intensification of sustainable production systems.

With over a decade of experience, our team of agribusiness experts has gained in-depth knowledge and invaluable practical experience. Over the years, we have accumulated a list of successes, helping companies and producers to optimize their processes and achieve exceptional results.

At SIA, sustainability is our compass. Our consultants are passionate about finding innovative solutions that protect the environment and promote responsible agricultural practices. We are committed to helping our customers adopt production methods that preserve natural resources for future generations. We understand that economic and social prosperity are fundamental pillars for business success. Our services not only improve operational efficiency, but also promote the well-being of local communities and sustainable economic growth.

We transform ideas into good businesses and life projects.

In addition to our experience in production systems, SIA stands out in the management of production chain projects. We work closely with our clients to organize supply chains, promote strategic partnerships and maximize results.

At SIA Consultoria, we are committed to leading the transformation of agribusiness towards a more sustainable and prosperous future. If you are looking for innovation, efficiency and responsibility in your agricultural operation, we are ready to be your trusted partner.

Discover how we can help you reach new levels of success in agribusiness. Contact us today and embark on this journey towards a greener and brighter future for the agricultural sector.

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In each project we learn something. We build experiences that transform businesses, change the direction of regions and impact thousands of people. Discover our cases and see what we have already learned.


Rosa Maria Farm

Canquerine Farm


Ana Beatriz e Vera Lúcia Peterlongo

Administrators of the Peterlongo Farm, Minas do Leão/RS

“We arrived at the Mosaico event 1 year ago (2022) with many doubts about our property. We were certain of the need to organize and modernize our management and work methods. During the event we were certain that we should have the support of SIA to start the “turn” we wanted to implement. Our first step was to hire SIA Diagnóstico, where we mapped the entire system, with the right and wrong actions that were being taken. our direction within our expectations and desires. SIA Diagnóstico showed us the need for consultancy that supports us and guides us in strategic decisions. hiring”.

*Rodrigo Baiotto Prauchner, Agronomist, Technical Consultant at SIA and Regional Manager for RS – Southern Half


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